Reckless Grace

Bill Vanderbush

Bill is a Pastor, Author, and Speaker whose passion is for the presence of God


The Book

Reckless is taking action with no sense of self preservation. The cross is reckless because God knows it takes reckless grace to heal a reckless life. He stepped into our mess recklessly, not to control you, but to redeem, reconcile, and restore you to freedom.

Brit Eaton

Brit is an Author, Speaker, and all around pursuer of the Kingdom of God.


Reckless Grace will...

Give you insight

In John 20:23, Jesus makes one of the most radical statements the church has barely explored. Could this be the greatest evangelistic tool the church has never used?

Empower your heart

Jesus said His words are Spirit and Life. Since He lives in you, what does that mean for your words? Could they be more powerful than we have imagined?

Unveil the Father's love

Is God really this good? Is he more interested in controlling us, or is His greater value in teaching us to manage our freedom?

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